Following Jesus 101 (MS Confirmation)

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Following Jesus 101 is a 16-week "Confirmation" class, offered to MS Students, that lays out the "Absolute Basics of the Christian Faith", as a means of equipping and inviting students into the beginning of an active walk with Christ. 

Students wanting to participate will be responsible for purchasing their book (paid below), memorizing catechesis questions and answers, and attending a majority of classes. (When a student must miss a class, he or she will be responsible for making up what they missed on their own time.) 

Our Confirmation ceremony will take place on Easter morning at LifeSong. 

Note: If you are NOT in Middle School, but would like to be confirmed, please email directly! 

For more info on what "Confirmation" is, head here

Sundays from 9:30-10:30 | January 6 - April 21 | LifeSong Church

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